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Introduction into Data Privacy

In the year 2020, it seems as if everything is digitalized. Traditional ways of storing private information have now been replaced with more convenient online software. But as we begin to transfer more confidential information to online platforms, we risk jeopardizing more of our privacy. According to the Pew Research Center, around 80 percent of Americans believe that their data is being tracked by either an online platform or by the government; however, little to none have considered plans to combat the issue. Technology has become so intertwined with our daily life that we seem to ignore the possible consequences of sharing our data. Although digitization provides convenience to our everyday lives in areas such as messaging, payment, and education, users should be aware of the harm and possible effects it may have. For us to ensure our data is safe, we need to push the government to work with companies and organizations to construct safeguards for the protection of our privacy.

Introduction to Data Privacy: Welcome
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